VDA Getting ready for Sicilia En Primeur 2015

Valle dell’Acate ready for the XII edition of Sicilia En Primeur !

In 2011 the approval of the new DOC Sicilia has replaced IGT Sicilia and introduced the new IGT Terre Siciliane.

Starting with the 2012/2013 harvest this new DOC, that include the entire Sicily Region, will appear on the Sicilian wine labels.

Valle dell’Acate has than introduced new labels for both Zagra (100% Grillo) and Insolia Case Ibidini (100% Insolia).

The estate has also introduced a new little change in the red logo that appears on the label.
The VDA acronym will be written in more clear character.

old VdA logo new VdA logo


Here are the pictures of the changes.