Alberelli di Giodo



Carlo, one of the world’s leading oenologists consults many Italian estates in their vineyard and cellar practices and is responsible for the success of many of these properties.

In 2010 Carlo Ferrini decided to buy a piece of land of 5000 mq on Etna.
It was a small piece of land with a small house made by “lava” stones.
There were many kind of plants, olive trees, cherries and obviously a lot of “alberello” plants of Nerello Mascalese.
A small paradise !
The following years Carlo bought an additional 6 small parcels, one better than the other; very beautiful vineyards.
Quite interesting, all parcels were cultivated from retired men from the area. Everyone had planted what was necessary for them to support themselves as well as what they liked.
It was in 2016 when Carlo decided to harvest his grapes and make his first wine from Etna.


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