Giulia Negri

Giulia Negri

Giulia Negri – Barolo girl
Tradition is everything in this land. I could have banked on the name Barolo and on the history of my family, which has been producing wine in La Morra for the past 150 years. But life shouldn’t be a big yawn.
I started my adventure a few years ago: I wanted to make wine my way. I adored my “garagiste” friends and their heretical, dogma-free wines: a handful of amazing bottles produced by forward-looking artisan winemakers.

I produce Barolo because I believe it will be the work of art of the future – a mix of ancient polish and modern harmony; a flagship in the winemaking world from America to Asia.

Some people are dazzled by multimillion-dollar cellars designed by famous architects. Personally, I think a cellar must have three essential qualities: cleanliness, simplicity, passion.

My wines aren’t cheap, but they are meant for everyone. I have built a small cellar where, at the beginning, the floor was covered with gravel.

Owner: Negri family
Winemaker: Sergio Molino (consultant)
Varietals planted: Nebbiolo, Pinot Nero, Chardonnay.
Total acres: 6 hectares of vineyard (from 450 m to 530 m asl)
Soil: Soil of good stony structure with a substratum of clay. Drainage is excellent yet it retains moisture deep down.
Winery production: 30.000 bottles

Giulia Negri
La Morra (Cuneo)- Italy

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Piedmont region

  • Barolo
  • Pinot Nero
  • Langhe Chardonnay
  • Barbera D’Alba


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Winemaking: Fermentation The alcoholic fermentation is in Tini Troncoconici (60 hl. Wood) lasts about 12 days (the temperature of the must is around 26-28 degrees), then we leave it macerate for another 20 days in order to softening the tannins and to losethe most aggressive ones. The next step will be the second fermentation: malo-lactic. This second fermentation reduces the acidity of the wine and it introduces us the new Barolo, ready to face three years of aging.

Winemaker Sergio Molino
Maturation process: Maturation 6 months in two year old barrique, 6 months in three year old barrique, 18 months in 500l oak barrels – tonneaux
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Barbera d’ALba



Winemaking: Fermentation The alcoholic fermentation is in stainless steel, 10 days of skin contact at 28 – 30 °C, pumping over + delestage. Second fermentation (malolactic) complete.

Winemaker Sergio Molino
Maturation process: 10 months in 5 y.o. Oak Barrel (15 hl) and 2 monthsin 2 y.o. french barriques
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