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We are a company focusing on assisting Selected Italian Wine Estates program, develop and better understand their International Markets. All three sectors are related to the growth and stability of an estate, especially given the ever changing and ever more challenging conditions faced internationally.


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CMK Selections, established in 1999, is a company focusing on assisting Selected Italian Wine Estates program, develop and better understand their International Markets. All three sectors are related to the growth and stability of an estate, especially given the ever changing and ever more challenging conditions faced internationally.

Why a program?
Programs are essential for determining the future of the estate, allowing for a foundation from which the estate can evolve in the future. Programs are developed based upon production forecasts, goals of the producers, limitations or growth of the property and are determined on an individual basis, each estate having its own idiosyncrasies and requirements. Programs for the international market are complementary to those established for the domestic market, each sector working symbiotically with the other.

Development requires time and faces many challenges as times change, challenges arise and estates slowly evolve. Throughout this critical time, constant interfacing is required to listen to the markets, resolve problems, gain trust and fidelity within the markets.

Eyes and ears are required in order to gain a better understanding of the International Markets. The exchange of viewpoints and relating to individual market needs are essential to the continual evolution of an estate.

CMK Consulting was founded due to a request on the part of many estates for the services listed above. The focus of the Consultation is not to sell wine, it is rather to better prepare each estate under Consultation to better program and develop their sales worldwide.


Our team

Colleen Marie
Mc Kettrick

President & Founder


2014 marked over 30 years of my involvement in the International Wine Trade. After completing my studies at the University of Michigan ( Ann Arbor, Michigan ) and Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg in Breisgau, Germany, I was asked to join a new company specializing in the Importation and Distribution of Fine Wines in the state of Michigan, my place of birth. I set off on a career which literally engulfed me spiritually, mentally and physically. Responsibilities intensified, rewarding me with the position of Vice President of one of the leading Importing and Distributing Companies in Michigan. My association with the company spanned over a ten year period, in which I collected invaluable experience through Tastings, Intercontinental Travel and Daily Interaction with the Wine Trade.

Fascinated by the European culture and longing to employ my language skills, I set off for France in 1989 to work and reside in the wine region of Alsace. I quickly found a home within the estate of Kuentz Bas, a renowned quality-oriented, winery which had recently celebrated its 200-year anniversary of wine production. I seemingly instinctively acclimated to the gracious Alsatian countryside, where I worked with the Bas Family developing Sales and Marketing strategies for a number of years.

1994 brought me to Italy by invitation from Marchese Lodovico Antinori, proprietor of the Tenuta dell’Ornellaia. Responsible for the Sector of International Marketing and Sales, I found myself once again immersed in a new culture and lifestyle within the Coastal Tuscan Maremma. A great challenge and a wonderful opportunity, my time at Ornellaia allowed me to incorporate all of the accumulated experiences, skills and contacts, which I had acquired during my years in the trade. International Travel opened new doors and once again brought forth a wealth of new contacts and friends worldwide.

Since my earliest days in Bolgheri I had the great fortune to become acquainted and work alongside Marchese Nicolò Incisa of Tenuta San Guido. There were many memorable opportunities for Marchese Nicolò who, presenting the wines of San Guido and I, the wines of Tenuta dell’Ornellaia to work side by side and hence created a very rewarding friendship and professional affinity.

I have always cherished the relationship with Marchese Nicolò and the entire Team behind San Guido and feel remarkably privileged to have the opportunity to collaborate with them today.

As of 2000 I have consulted selected Italian estates on their exploration and development of the International Market. Last and far from least, I became a mother in 2007 with the birth of my twin daughters who have filled my life with joy and taught me so much more about Life in general.

In my “free time”, I enjoy sports and outdoor activities, music of all sorts having studied and played classical flute since my childhood, literature, cooking and sharing great wines with family and friends.



Professional Sommelier


Joined CMK forces in 2000 after completing eighteen years as a Professional Sommelier.
Vassilios was born in Athens, Greece, however moved to Italy in 1980.
Alongside his highly credible palate and love for wine, his pragmatic point of view and propensity for precision have been greatly appreciated by our growers and the many contacts we now share together worldwide.





Computer scientist, in charge of the development and enhancement of the informational and social media sector of CMK Selections.

20 years of experience in the informatic sector, I have decided to join forces with CMK after having spent part of my free time over the last few years following and assisting CMK business.

Wine, vineyards and the country have been part of a beautiful period of my life. I grew up in the country side in the Marche region where my father was a farmer until I was thirteen.

I am passionate about Soccer (fan of the Roma team), tennis and volley ball.
Music lover: Led Zeppelin, Doors, Clash, Dave Matthews band, De Andre just to mention few.
The book: Indian Nocturne by Antonio Tabucchi.

Curious and engaged in the global social evolution and particularly intrigued by the “digital era” in which we are presently living.
I am engaged in local politics.

The varieties that I really enjoy to date?
Pinot Nero and Verdicchio (I am from Marche .. what else!).
However, I still recall the (montepulciano and sangiovese) made by my father and my uncle, that we kids, desperately strove to extract out of the demijohn … what a nice taste still present in my mouth!