from JancisRobinson.com

I tasted both the Caburnio 2011 and Monteti 2011, from a particularly hot vintage in Tuscany and gave them both the same score, 16.5, even though the Monteti costs almost twice as much as the Caburnio. They are both very good wines, with admirable freshness as well as ripeness, but the Caburnio is already a delight – showing some attractive evolution on the nose with really exciting ripeness and character on the palate. It seems extremely good value to me, of interest to those looking for the extra zest that a really good Maremma wine can bring to the Bordeaux blend formula. The Petit Verdot-dominated Monteti is also very successful but I would keep it a bit longer before drinking it between 2017 and 2023 whereas I suggest 2014 to 2019 as the drinking period of Caburnio, which is 14% alcohol. I am clearly very boring – or this wine is consistently good value – since the 2005 was also a wine of the week.