7 Affordable Sparkling Wines … Il Follo

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Bargain Bubblies


Francis Coppola Sofia Blanc de Blancs, 2013 (circa $15)
Most sparkling wines don’t bear a vintage marker, because they’re blends of wines made in multiple years. Like a well-made Italian Prosecco, this wine is light, distinctive, and fun with a sassy edge. (California)


Il Follo Cuvee Rose, Spumante Rosato (circa $14)
Nothing is more celebratory than a sparker with a pink hue. This Italian Prosecco has a nice fruity nose and vivid flavors – but our bottle lost its fizz pretty quickly; keep it chilled, and drink it down. If you’re looking for something with a sweeter note, consider the same maker’s Extra Dry, with a slightly lower price tag. (Italy)


Mionetto Prosecco Brut (circa $14)
Not much of a bouquet, but a sharp-edged, bracing burst of flavor on the tongue. (Italy)

Biutiful Brut Nature Cava (circa $11)
Spanish Cavas are among the best values in the world of sparkling wines, and if you like your sparklers bone dry, this is an excellent example at an exceptional price. “Austere” barely does it justice; there’s not a hint of sweetness in this wine, but if you’re serious about the New Year, this will match your mood. (Spain)

Poema Cava, Brut, Brut Rose, or Extra Dry (circa $11)
In 2007, when Poema first showed up on our list, you could buy a bottle for $8. Now it’s up to $11, but it remains a superb, consistent bargain, made using the same traditional techniques associated with the finest sparkling wines in the world. If you crave a sweeter style, go for the Extra Dry. (Spain)

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