The little lake that mitigate the area of the vineyards has reached is limits. A rainy autumn is over.

That lake has been created by Antonio Felici, Leo’s grandparent, in 1960. He knew that a little pond would have helped the microclimate and the biodiversity. Even if he did not know that his nephew would have thanked him for that present.


The new challenge in 2013 for Leo is the new , 1 hectar, vineyard that will be planted next spring.
The land is almost ready!

Still some rocks around but we are almost there. Give me the very first days of the new year and that rocks will disappear!” Leopardo said already thinking to the new barbatelle that will populate the land.

So the Andrea Felici future is here and while some cardboxes are ready to go the eyes go to the small exposition of the different generation of bottles that had the pleasure to host the great Verdicchio from the estate.